Town Taxi Dispatch of New England

Voucher Account


Terms &







All customers must agree to the following guidelines as the terms and conditions of being a voucher account holder with the Town Taxi Association, Inc.

1. Customers are responsible for lost or stolen vouchers.

2. All invoices are due and payable upon receipt.

3. Any and all finance charges shall be due and payable as follows:

a) The periodic rate is added monthly, based upon the previous monthly balance after the current month’s payment is made during the billing cycle shall have first been deducted.

b) A periodic rate of 1˝% per month applies to a remaining monthly balance. The annual effective rate is 18%.

c) All payments first applied to finance charges and other balances on services rendered by Town Taxi Association, Inc.

d) Customers must agree to pay all necessary attorney’s fees required for collection.

4. Customers are to be aware that this charge account is a privilege which may be arbitrarily cancelled upon failure to pay the invoice promptly.

5. Town Taxi Association, Inc. reserves the right to suspend or cancel any account with an outstanding balance over sixty (60) days.


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