New Town Coach

Fees and Conditions





There is a $35 minimum charge for all jobs.


All must have a Town Coach Account or a valid credit card to be serviced.


Hourly Rates

    Sedans: Our luxury sedans are available by the job or by the hour for a 2-hour minimum at $48/hr. Rates are based on maximum of 3 passengers per sedan. Additional persons will be $10 each additional person (families excluded).
Limousines: 6, 8 and 10 passenger limousines and vans are also available at various hourly rates.


Extra Stops

Extra stops en route will be subject to a $10 charge per stop of 10 minutes or less. Longer stops are subject to applicable waiting time beyond the initial 10 minutes.


Customers are responsible for paying all tolls. All rates are exclusive of any additional charges. Tolls are not included in price; round trip tolls added when applicable.


The following holidays have an additional $10 fee charge on the day of the holiday and the day before: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Labor Day, Independence Day and Memorial Day.


Waiting Time

Waiting time is charged at $4 per five-minute interval.
Dedicated Sedan Service,
for multiple stops in the the Boston area, is billed with a 2-hour minimum at $48 per hour. Any fraction of an hour will be billed  at a one-half hour rate

Town Coach will wait for 20 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time, of which the first 5 minutes are free. Unless additional waiting time is authorized, the sedan will depart and the no-show charge will be applied, including a 15-min. wait charge, at the end of the applicable waiting period. Customers are requested to inform Town Coach of changes as early as possible or 40 min. (international) at no charge.

An additional $20/hr fee will be charged should flight time be delayed by more than 1 hour. The applicable period begins from the first announced delay time by the airline. After a 2-hour delay from initial pick-up time, you must contact Town Coach headquarters to reschedule pick-up, unless it is an authorized Dedicated Service.

  • Dedicated Service for Logan pick-ups is based on $20/hr from scheduled
    pick-up time until actual arrival.

  • Meet & Greet Service rate is $50 at gate or baggage claim area.

  • Midnight Service Fee for pick-ups after 12:00 a.m. is $10.

All cancellations for in-town reservations must be 2 hours in advance. With  out-of-town reservations, a 3-hour notice is required. A charge equal to the proposed trip cost plus a 15% service fee will apply for improper cancellations and any incurred waiting time in case of a No Show. However, any cancellations made less than 2 hours before the scheduled pick-up time will be subject to a fee equal to the proposed trip cost plus 15% service fee. A No-Show fee equal to the proposed trip cost including applicable waiting time plus 15% service fee is billed when the passenger fail to show at the designated location. For cancellations of multiple-car orders, a 24-hour notice is required. If the customer cannot locate the sedan, he/she should call 1-888-318-8776 before seeking alternative transportation to avoid a No-Show charge.


During declared snow or other severe weather emergency conditions, an additional $25 will be charged to the account for all services.



  • Excessive amounts of luggage will be subjected to an additional $10 surcharge.

  • An Additional 5% gas surcharge will be added to all trips above the minimum basic fare of $35.

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